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Brandon, Florida, United States
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Combine your loves of Harry Potter, looking good, and DIY with this fun project.

I was in need of a new container to hold my paints, so I decided to combine my love for DIY and Harry Potter to make this awesome box. (40 points to Slytherin!)

My inspiration for the design can be found here ( for the stripes and here ( for the snake. This DIY may appear long, but it’s only because I’m awfully specific.




  1. Step 1 1

    I started out with this lovely cigar box that I received from someone who knows I love DIY :D.

  2. Step 2 2

    Measure the width of your box (the side you want the handle on, opposite of the hinges). Then decide how long you want your handle to be, how far you want it from the edges, etc. Mark this spot using a straightedge and a washable marker or pen. I found my box to be 26 cm wide, and I wanted the handle to be about 12 cm long, so I marked the box 7 cm in on each side.

    Next measure the height of the half that your handle will be on (the handle only goes on one side of the box, I prefer the larger half). Using your pen/marker and straightedge, mark half of the height measurement on top of your previous mark. It should form a small “+”.

  3. Step 3 3

    Using a hammer and thin nail (or a drill with a small drill bit, if you’re more prepared that I am), create a hole at the center of the “+” signs (make sure you’re cautious of any inserts, some cigar boxes have them. They should be large enough to thread your handle of choice through. I’ve seen some nice purse handles made with wire and beads, such as this one, but I prefer to use those ball chains that I get everywhere.

  4. Step 4 4

    If you’re doing it my way, thread the ball chain through, and use some spare fine wire to wrap around the chain between the beads. Use wire clipper to cut the ball chain in half (if recycling an old ball-chain necklace). Thread the other end of the ball chain through and adjust to the length you want your purse handle to be (I prefer mine shorter, because apparently my arm swings wide when I walk :c).Wrap up the other side with wire, and trim the ball chain. If your cigar box has an insert, you may have to create additional holes (wider that your ball chain, wire, or whatnot) in order for the insert to lie flat.

  5. Step 5 5

    If your box has a design that you don’t want, you can sand it off. Just be sure to go over it with some fine sand paper at the end.

  6. Step 6 6

    After making sure the surface is smooth, use tape and a ruler to create the lines. I highly suggest painter’s tape, although I used medical tape. To do the pictured design, I placed each strip of tape 2 cm apart. Be sure to measure the width of the space in between the tape at regular intervals to ensure that they are parallel.

  7. Step 7 7

    Paint tan. It’s alright if the paint coverage isn’t smooth, it adds character. Wait for stripes to dry. Peel off tape.

  8. Step 8 8

    Next, use some form of thin tape that won’t damage the paint (I used thin medical tape) to protect the already painted lines from the off-white paint (I have an unsteady hand). Paint stripes off-white. Wait for stripes to dry. Peel off type.

  9. Step 9 9

    Now time for the logo! You can basically go off on your own here, but continue if you want my logo. Cut out a pentagon (16 cm long, 10 cm at the widest part), outline with a light pencil on the box, and surround
    with tape.

    Trace a pentagon inside of the first pentagon that is 0.5 cm in from each side except the top (it should measure 13.5 cm, 9 cm at the widest part, and be centered in the middle, 2.5 cm lower than the first pentagon at the top).

    Paint the inside of the rectangle dark green (SLYTHERIN!), leaving the 0.5 cm of a rim. Wait for the paint to dry.

    Use more tape to line the border (it will go over the green paint, and should be 0.5 cm from the other tape on every side except the top, where it should be 2.5 cm).

    Paint the border silver. Peel off inner tape.

  10. Step 10 10

    Using the present tan and off-white lines and a straightedge, extrapolate the lines for the border of your checkered pattern. Mark with a light pencil. Use a ruler or a similar straightedge to create parallel lines running the opposite way (not quite perpendicular) 2.5 cm apart.

    I then freehanded the snake based off of the deviantart work using a pencil. If you want your snake shiny like mine, use a thin coat of silver acrylic paint.

    Wait for it to dry, and you’re done! Go forth and look awesome, fellow Slytherins!

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