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Nice 'n' Simple

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, Orange County, California, United States
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Easy, fast, crocheted slippers for you and friends!

First off, I'm not the original creator of this pattern. I got it from craftster, you can see it here:

I'm posting it here because I have modified it a bit and looove it, so I want to share it with all of you :) I made a pair of these for myself, then made a pair for a friend as a gift. My mom saw them and wanted a pair, and when my coworkers saw my friends pair, they all wanted them too. At the moment, I've made 3 and have about 9 more to go LOL.

For the blue/white pair (mine) I used a really soft blue acrylic and a silky-soft organic white cotton yarn. The blue/turquoise pair are totally acrylic and really soft. If you make yours with acrylic, the second they get a bit dirty, pop them in the washing machine.

This is a GREAT project for remainder yarn, as it takes about 1/2 a skein per color for a pair. I love amigurumi, so heaven knows I have tons of barely used yarn.

Also, the pattern is ridiculously easy. I crochet mine as I watch DVDs and shows :) You can make them in solid colors, thin stripes (one color for each round), thick stripes (2+ rounds for each color), with the v-strap as shown, a simple mary jane-style strap, make them higher (and thus strapless like I will for my arthritic grandmother)... basically, these are super customizable.

I wear womens US size 11 shoes and make these with 19 rounds. Its really touch and go, since the tension of your crochet will determine the fit. If your making them for yourself, just put them on every few rounds.



  1. How to make a slipper. Slippers! - Step 1 1

    Teh lingo
    Rnd: Round
    Ch: Chain
    Sl St: Slip Stitch
    DC: Double crochet

    Anything with * * around it means to repeat the step within the asterisk

  2. 2

    The Main Body of the Slipper:

    Rnd 1: Ch 1, make 7 dc in first loop
    sl st in first dc of rnd 1 (7dc)

    Rnd 2: Make 2 dc in each dc of rnd 1 sl st in first dc of rnd 2 (14dc)

    Rnd 3: *Make one dc in first dc, make two dc in next dc* sl st in first dc of rnd 3 (21dc)

    Rnd 4: *make one dc in first dc, make one dc in next dc, make two dc in next dc* sl st in first dc of round 4 (28dc)

    Rnd 5: Make one dc in each dc around (28dc)

    Rnd 6: Make one dc in each dc around (28dc)

    Rnd 7: Make one dc in then next 20dc.(pink)

    turn the slipper, it now is worked in rows.

    Rnd 8-19: Make one dc in each dc, turn.

    This is the trial and error part! If you have large or wide feet do 20 dc, if you have smaller feet, try making it with 15. Every few rows, slip your toes into the front of the slipper and see where the body lies. You want the end of the body to juuuust meet at the back of your heel. In my opinion, it is better to make them a little small, since they will probably stretch out!

    When you get to your last row, bind off, but do not cut off your tail!
    (If your using more than one color, tie those ends together and cut so that you only have one thread still coming from the skein (Leave the others as long or short as you want, you will crochet over them in a little while)

    <--- The picture is the outcome of this step :)

  3. How to make a slipper. Slippers! - Step 3 3

    Shaping the Heel:
    This is really easy! Fold the slipper in half so that the back edges meet. If you working with two colors, use the contrasting color to sl st down one side of the slipper, going through both sides. Cut your tail, but leave it long. Weave the tail back up the heel and knot yet again. Turn the slipper inside out so that the seam is on the inside.

  4. 4

    This makes the slipper look more finished and clean looking. It will also help the top to fit a bit snugger if you made your slippers too large.

    Using one color, Ch one onto the back of the slipper. Crochet around the edge of the slipper, to cover up the turning on the rows (Also, crochet over the tails from the body of your project as you go along). Once you reach the end, bind off. If you want to, you could do another row around. (When I make my grandmothers pair, they will have many rows of these stitches, so that she doesn't have to mess with buttons)

    <---- Pictured is the before of the edging

  5. 5

    <--- Pictured is the slipper with the addition of the edging.

  6. 6

    If your making the V strap:
    Put the slipper on. Decide where you want the V to be and mark with pieces of yarn. Find buttons that you like, and secure them on the outside of the slipper. In one of the marked spot, ch 1 onto the edge of the slipper. Continue to make the ch until it is long enough to loop around the button and reach the other marked spot (mine is 35 ch). You want this to be snug. Turn, and crochet into the back loops of the stitches. Bind off. Secure the loose end to the other marked spot, and your done! Enjoy your new slippers!

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