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Based on Sling Bag by steph blue

I made this ages ago, but have only just got round to posting it lol!

It took me ages to do because - me being me - I had to match up all the patterns before sewing it, & I was still learning how to use my sewing machine! Also, I made some ribbon-tags to go at the top so it could be tied. I definitely prefer the patterned side!

Thanks for the how-to steph blue! ;-)

Paisley Dee Ring Bag

Paisley Dee Ring Bag

Awesome paisley dee ring bag tutorial!

♥ 481
Paisley Bag

Paisley Bag

Paisley Lined Shoulder Bag

♥ 6
Tattoo Lace Slouch Bag :)

Tattoo Lace Slouch Bag :)

A bag I made one day

♥ 6
Slouchy Bag

Slouchy Bag

Summer bag from vintage fabric

♥ 13
Slouchy Shoulder Bag

Slouchy Shoulder Bag

Yet another bag made instead of doing the housework!

♥ 5
Sling Bag

Sling Bag

A Round Bottom Sling Bag Tutorial

♥ 4


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