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Nice 'n' Simple

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Chicago, IL, United States
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A cute springy skirt made from the sleeves of two old men's button-downs.

I was amazed at how easy this was to make - I finished it quickly in one evening! It's also extremely simple to get a perfect fit, so it's very customizable. Since the joined cuffs make the waistband, I sewed all the plackets shut except for one so they'd lie flat. The single open placket makes the skirt easy to put on and take off! Also, all it takes are the sleeves, so you've got the rest of the shirts to do other stuff with!

Ah, I'm in love.

(SO many thanks to Threadbanger for the inspiration:


Skirt! [First Without Pattern]

Skirt! [First Without Pattern]

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Flower High Waist Skirt W/ Bow Detail

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A Line Skirt (Dark Brown)

A Line Skirt (Dark Brown)

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