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Pretty Easy

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Casselberry, Florida, United States
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Satin Sleep Cap or Shower Cap

use 3/4" WIDE elastic



  1. How to make a bathroom project. Sleep Or Shower Cap - Step 1 1

    Cut two pieces of circle (19" diameter).

    NOTE: Sleep cap cut 2 pieces of satin. Shower cap cut 1 piece of satin and 1 piece of plastic.

  2. 2

    wrong sides together, sew both pieces; add binding, ribbon, or lace to edges.

  3. 3

    turn cap to inside (for shower cap - plastic side; for sleep cap - whichever you choose as your inside). Measure and mark 1" from edge (for adults); or 2" from edge for (children); all the way around. Sew along this line, repeat stitch about 1/2" away to form elastic casing.

  4. 4

    measure elastic to fit. Cut tiny slit on inside to thread the elastic; secure the ends.

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