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I love laser cutting so much!!!!

Today was my last ever deadline as a second year design Crafts student and submitted my final sketchbook!!!
This one is Laser cut MDF with a crochet spine, backed with water colour paper and little enamelled inlays. Once my work gets marked I might put up a couple of images up on the work inside.


Handmade Sketchbook

Handmade Sketchbook

Small Earthy Sketchbook to fit in my purse

♥ 6
Make Your Own Sketchpad

Make Your Own Sketchpad


♥ 17
Recycled Sketch Book

Recycled Sketch Book

stylin' recycled materials sketch book

♥ 20
Collaged Sketchbook

Collaged Sketchbook

Creative collage on bought sketchbook

♥ 5
Kawaii Sketch Book

Kawaii Sketch Book

May your ideas take flight... On Wings Of Cuteness

♥ 4
Painted Book Art

Painted Book Art

Paint a book or journal as art, or for reading.

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