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Plush Stuffed Owl
Pocket Pal Frog Plushie
Moss Terrarium
Harry Potter Style Wands
A very cheap and easily project that looks cool, classy, and chic

I love cameo necklaces and pins so I decided to make my own cameo insipred silhouette art for my bedroom!

All I did was pick up a couple of very cheap frames (the big one is from the dollar store, the small one is from a thrift shop)

I got a roll of easy-stick wallpaper from the dollar store in a vintage print and I cut a piece of it to fit the frame.

Next I went online and found some silhouette pictures that I liked and I traced them and cut them out of black construction paper.

All you have to do is center the silhouette, close up your frame and place them whereever you like.

Since both frames only cost me 4$ and I still have tones of the printed paper I plan on making more silhouettes of birds/deer/cameos and adding to my collection to make one large wall piece.

Sword Art Online Silhouettes

Sword Art Online Silhouettes

Acuna and Kirito from Sword Art Online

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Classic Smoking Cowboy Silhouette Frame

Classic Smoking Cowboy Silhouette Frame

For my sister Sharon on her birthday

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His & Hers Disney Villain Silhouettes

His & Hers Disney Villain Silhouettes

Cute decorations for any Disney lovers home

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Victorian Silhouettes

Victorian Silhouettes


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Diy: Vintage Style Silhouette Wall Art

Diy: Vintage Style Silhouette Wall Art

This was so much fun, and turned out to be so much easier than even I thought! You will be oh so pleased with yourself after you dress up your walls with this super-simple project using mainly spray paint and plywood.

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Olly Moss' 'papercuts' Tribute Wall

Olly Moss' 'papercuts' Tribute Wall

Still ongoing :)

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Corvus · 1 project
these are wonderful! going to do them for a shabby chic room in my house.

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