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Pretty Easy

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Chestefield, Derbyshire, United Kingdom
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Not bad for a first attempt!

This is my first attempt at shredding a T-Shirt and I love the effect it gives! It's best to use a plain, baggy T-Shirt. It was really easy and the tutorial I followed was really good!


Spider Ribbon Shirt

Spider Ribbon Shirt

for this you needn t to be good at sewing

♥ 260
Diy: Cosmic Shirt

Diy: Cosmic Shirt

"Why Buy it if you can make it?!"

♥ 249
Diy Shirt Cuts

Diy Shirt Cuts

Turn old/New rags into sexy cuts

♥ 12
Demon Wing T Shirt

Demon Wing T Shirt

Cute gothy t-shirt, dead simple to make.

♥ 62
Shredded T Shirt Recon

Shredded T Shirt Recon

Learn an awesome new technique for customising you clothing!

♥ 180



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