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About this project

Nice 'n' Simple
Jewelry with a bang! Shotgun shells made into a necklace, bracelet and rings

Fire in the hole! is what you say before firing a gun or detonating explosives on a set. Well, that was all that was running though my mind when I was hacking up these shotgun shells to make this jewelry!

I just love recycling and upcycling!



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  1. How to make a recycled bracelet. Shotgun Shell Jewelry - Step 1 1

    All I did was cut off the plastic part (I will be sure to post what I make with that soon!) and sanded the remaining bit of plastic flush with the metal edge. I then glued ring blanks to the back for the rings. For the bracelet I taped the bracelet blank to the table first so I was sure to get all the casings aligned, I find it a bit easier to do it this way when gluing multiple items to one project. It also helped keep the glue off the spacer sections.

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Shotgun Shell Jewelry

Shotgun Shell Jewelry

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