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Laurel, Mississippi, US
Itty Bitty Baby Dress
Quilted Petal Handbag
Make A Pouch With Your Own Fabric
Thread Catcher, Caddy And Pincushion
Based on Shirt Skirt And Dress by Selena Francis-Bryden

rag doll

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DIY Fashion by Selena Francis-Bryden

Published by Laurence King

DIY Fashion is a cool, quirky, and creative guide to making and customizing your own clothes, bags, and accessories. It contains more than 40 thrifty, sustainable, and stylish projects, none of which require prior skill or a sewing machine. From customized hand-me-downs to elegant evening wear, the book is packed with ideas that the reader can adapt to their own taste.

© 2016 Selena Francis-Bryden / Laurence King · Reproduced with permission.
Shirt To Dress Diy

Shirt To Dress Diy

Simple shirt to breezy summer dress in no time!

♥ 4
Refashioned Men's Button Up

Refashioned Men's Button Up

Stealing dad's old clothes to make new for myself ;)

♥ 75
Men's Shirt Refashion

Men's Shirt Refashion

Take an men's shirt that's too large for you & make it into a cute dress!

♥ 147
Men's Shirt Refashion

Men's Shirt Refashion

upcycling an outdated man's shirt to a fun new dress

♥ 8
Shirt Skirt And Dress

Shirt Skirt And Dress

Turn two men's shirts in to a dress!

♥ 1004
Men's Shirt To Cute Summer Dress

Men's Shirt To Cute Summer Dress

Don't Buy DIY: Men's Shirt to Cute Summer Dress OR 2 Days to Make the Dress; 4 Weeks to Write the Tutorial...

♥ 335


Colleen ChromeSkies
Colleen ChromeSkies · U.S. Air Force Academy, Colorado, US · 6 projects
Really cute idea to use it for a mix-n-match type of costume!

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