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Nice 'n' Simple

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Chicago, Illinois, US
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Quickie revamp of an old shawl of mine

My great grandmother gave me a new shawl, price tags and all, someone gave her stating simply 'it didn't suit her'. While I was grateful for the gift I unfortunately found out the shawl didn't suit me either! Instead of moping about how shapeless and grumpy it made me look I decided to turn it into something one of my favorite accessories. A scarf! I've been into scarf making lately so this was bound to happen sooner or later.



  1. How to make a neck warmer. Shawl To Infinity Scarf Revamp - Step 1 1

    As with all revamps the first thing you need to do is find your victim! Mine was of course the shawl in question. For this project I suggest a 4 way stretch knit as the fun of infinity scarves is how many ways they can be worn and for that you need stretch. How can you tell if it's a 4 way stretch? Stretch it in 4 ways of course <3 If it easily stretches you're good to go. If not you can still use it, but it might have a different drape/capabilities.

  2. How to make a neck warmer. Shawl To Infinity Scarf Revamp - Step 2 2

    Next I cut the seam out of my shawl. My shawl, oddly enough, was shaped like a pair of leggings so it was a bit uneven so I had to clean that up with a rotary cutter and cutting board. At this stage you should have 2 long rectangles.

  3. How to make a neck warmer. Shawl To Infinity Scarf Revamp - Step 3 3

    Now the sewing is the tricky part, and hard to describe so forgive any mistakes ^^" . I tried to make a diagram that hopefully helps. First you need to sew the long sides of the rectangle together, then once you get those sewn down, flip the tube inside out and match the seams sewing around the circle and leaving a small gap. Fold the seam allowance in, then hand sew that small gap together with a blind stitch. If you're more of a visual learner the youtuber Secretlifeofabionerd. Has a great youtube tutorial about infinity scarves and how to sew them.

  4. How to make a neck warmer. Shawl To Infinity Scarf Revamp - Step 4 4

    Maneuver it around a bit and voila you're done! Hope this quickie tutorial helped you out a bit. Thanks for reading :)

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