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About this project

jewelry holder made from an old dresser drawer

I made this shadow box jewelry box for my mom, I found a old drawer out at a farm and had to bring it home despite all the weird looks I got ... Found random knobs, cabinet handles, an old dish thing around the house that wasn't being used. Was givin a really pretty case, and an old bowl and spoon at the bottom. I used a pillow case for the backing after cleaning out the dirt and dust and sanding the box as well as I could. Found a necklace holder out of a little jewelry box I had bought from the d.I ...... It was all randomly put together but works well for my moms jewelry and looks kinda groovy :)



Dreams And Stars Jewelry Box

Dreams And Stars Jewelry Box

A ceramic box to keep your jewelry and dreams safe at night...

♥ 1
Gatsby Inspired Jewelry Box

Gatsby Inspired Jewelry Box

If you love Gatsby you'll love this box!

♥ 27
Psychobilly Jewlery Boxes

Psychobilly Jewlery Boxes

For freaks of all kinds!

♥ 70
Junk Box To Awesome Jewelry Box

Junk Box To Awesome Jewelry Box

Have a ton of jewelry and need lots of space for it. Perfect Jewelry box to fit your needs!

♥ 9
Mothers Day Handmade Gifts  Diy Ring Display

Mothers Day Handmade Gifts Diy Ring Display

This diy ring display tutorial aims at teaching you a super easy way about ring display trunk making. This pretty mini trunk will be one of the best mothers day handmade gifts designs.

♥ 14
Gothic Jewelry Box

Gothic Jewelry Box

How to gothicize a plain wooden jewelry box

♥ 13



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