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Cover that machine

I've been wanting to make a cover for my machine. Since it came with a plastic one,I used that as a guideline. I also had a pair of pants that I never wore, cut the pocket out and added it to the cover. Since it comes with loops it's perfect for holding those essential thread colors.


Diy Traveling Art Kit

Diy Traveling Art Kit

Grab an old suitcase, some pretty papers & paint..and take your crafty supplies on the road!

♥ 36
Bead Organizer

Bead Organizer

Low Fat Bead Organizer

♥ 13
Paper Organizer

Paper Organizer

paper organizer made from cearel boxes

♥ 1
Denim Wrench Casing

Denim Wrench Casing

As seen on One Pretty Thing! ;)

♥ 14
Cute, Cozy Crochet Yarn Caddy

Cute, Cozy Crochet Yarn Caddy

recycle a cd canister lid into a cute croche cozy

♥ 45
Scissor Rack

Scissor Rack

Wall storage for scrapbook scissors

♥ 6



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