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Salem, Oregon, United States
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A quick fix for scuffed shoes!

My daughter scuffed up her shoes a lot when she was learning to walk and climb stairs, and I hated how her relatively new shoes looked awful.
So I took a black Sharpie and dotted the scuffed area to get the color to match again. Then I took black fingernail polish, from Halloween, and painted over the scuff and the rest of the toe of the shoe. I polished/painted the whole toe because the nail polish was much shinier than the original leather. Then I nail polished the other shoe to match.
As you can see the result is a patent-leather looking toe with less obvious scuff marks. It's not perfect, but it's definitely less noticeable, and her shoes lasted longer.
I've done this with much smaller scuffs on my shoes too.
**I've only tried this on plain, smooth, leather shoes in black and brown. I imagine suede or patent-leather would turn out differently.**



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