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Skin Grafts And Stiches
Rotting Flesh
Zipper Face
Scary Paper Mache Pumpkin
Paper Mache Pumpkin

To make this I used the standard paper mache recipe: One part water to two parts flour and a pinch of salt. I formed the pumpkin around a mixing bowl I had already covered in plastic wrap. I have made two halves and taped them together to form the "circle" part of the pumpkin. For the stem I just folded a postcard accordion style until I got the desired shape and then paper mached over it. Afterwards I crumbled and wrinkled the top layer of newspaper to get this rotting effect. I painted a darker base color and then hit the raised ridges with a brighter orange to highlight it. *note* If you would like to paint the inside of the pumpkin ( so you can't see the newspaper) do it before taping it together- I'm sure that would have made it easier: )


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How To Make Phone Charms For Halloween Crafts

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Spooky Pumpkins   Vampire & Mummy

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Pumpkin Carving

Pumpkin Carving

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Doctor Who Pumpkin

Doctor Who Pumpkin

I wanted a Doctor Who pumpkin. . . welp here it is! what do ya think?!?!

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Vintage Clown Pumpkins

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Spider Web Pumpkin

Spider Web Pumpkin

Pumpkin I painted for Halloween

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Jennifer B.
Jennifer B. · Houston, Texas, US
i'm gonna definitely do this with my son this weekend for halloween!! he's gonna love it!!!

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