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Paper Mache Pumpkin

To make this I used the standard paper mache recipe One part water to two parts flour and a pinch of salt. I made the pumpkin around a mixing bowl I have made two halves and taped them together to form the "circle" part of the pumkin. Tor the stem I just folded a postcard fan style until I got the desired shape and then paper mached over it. *note* If you would like to paint the inside of the pumpkin ( so you can't see the newspaper) do it before taping it together- I'm sure that would make it easier: )



Totoro Jack O Lantern

Totoro Jack O Lantern

Totoro and his white sprite friend from the Studio Ghibli film "Totoro".

♥ 2
How To Carve A Pumpkin (Mini Pumpkin)

How To Carve A Pumpkin (Mini Pumpkin)

How to carve a pumpkin (mini poumpkin that is)

♥ 5
Watermelon Lantern

Watermelon Lantern

Making Halloween possible, even during summer!

♥ 11
Sugar Skull Pumpkin

Sugar Skull Pumpkin

Create a beautiful but creepy Pumpkin!

♥ 0
Marbled Pumpkins For Halloween

Marbled Pumpkins For Halloween

Marble anything with this easy technique!

♥ 4
Glam Glittery Pumpkins

Glam Glittery Pumpkins

Learn the wonders of repurposing with this dazzling tutorial

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