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Sylhet, Sylhet Division, BD
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Recycle dry tree sticks into a beautiful lampshade

I made this lampshade few years ago, when I used to spend time reading fairy-tales ^_^ This lampshade sure create a 'fairy-tale' atmosphere when it's lit. The shade is really easy to make, doesn't cost much nor takes much time so give it a try, you'll love it :)



  1. How to make fairy lights. Rustic Lampshade - Step 1 1

    First of all, collect dry tree sticks and branches. It's better to collect sticks with small branches. The branches create beautiful shades.
    After collecting the sticks and branches cut them into manageable sizes.

  2. How to make fairy lights. Rustic Lampshade - Step 2 2

    Cut out a cardboard strip, roll it and glue the sides. This rolled cardboard strip will be the base of the shade.
    Now start gluing the sticks and branches around the cardboard.
    Try keeping the branches faced outside, or more precisely in the opposite direction of the center.
    Cover the whole rolled cardboard with the sticks and branches.
    Use small sticks to cover the small gaps between branches.

  3. How to make fairy lights. Rustic Lampshade - Step 3 3

    Cut out small flowers out of colored paper.
    Simply glue them randomly on the branches of the shade.
    Use bright colored papers for the flowers.

  4. How to make fairy lights. Rustic Lampshade - Step 4 4

    To make the lamp you'll need cardboard, plug, wire, bulb holder and bulb.
    Connect the wire with the plug and the bulb holder, test if it works.

  5. How to make fairy lights. Rustic Lampshade - Step 5 5

    Cut 4 pieces of cardboard smaller than the shade because the shade's suppose to cover the lamp.
    I've numbered the cardboard pieces for the base in the picture.
    Place 1 at the bottom and glue 2,3 on the top of it.
    Take the plug (along with the wire) through the 4th piece and then glue the 4th piece of cardboard with the rest.
    You may place the base on something hard such as hardboard or wood.
    I used a small round shaped wooden piece to adjust the base.

    After completing the lighting system simply place the shade over the light fitting and turn it on to see the magic light effect ^-^

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