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Pretty Easy

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Ilmenau, Thüringen, DE
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whimsical roses for your special day <3

I use cherry red FIMO to make this. the bauble is a common plastic bauble for xmas tree. this is very simple and easy to make, its a beautiful and unique topper for your cake, and after you cut the cake, you can simply distribute them as special thanks for your loved ones. they can put a string on it and hang it to their window. now they will always remember your special day!



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  1. Step 1 1

    the method I use to make the rose is basically the same with this post here:

    only that I didn't roll the petals with stick, I press the edges of the petal while it's still on the baking sheet. it creates a thinner petal, thus the result is a whimsical looking rose.

    ps. be careful while you peel it off the baking sheet. my tips is don't put too much pressure while pressing, take your time to achieve a good shape.

  2. Step 2 2

    bake the rose, according to the direction in the package. its 110 C, 30 minutes if you're using oven baked fimo clay like mine.

    this is the result. the roses should have a blooming look to make it even more beautiful.

  3. Step 3 3

    put into bauble, with scraps of papers, small beads, or any decorations you like. hole of bauble faced down when you tuck it into the cake. after removed from cake and distributed, simply clean the bauble and hang it to window with a string. this is what it looks like.

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