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Wrexham, Wales, GB
Brony Bow!
Bottle Necklace
Vintage Look Flowers
Butterfly Fascinator
girly and romantic

I had some old floral material which is easy to fray in my craft box. I decided to finally make some use to it. First corsage was created by folding circles of fabric into quarters and sewing them together. Invisable thread is always useful :-) Eventually the corsage will begin to look like a flower. There are many tutorials on this technique available. This corsage ended up being extra large! I also added a brooch on the back and covered some card with fabric for the base.

The second corsage was much easier. I made a card base and covered it in fabric. I cut a long piece of fabric and then used a gathering stich, I pulled the fabric until it became a rosette. I made a small rosette and a large rosette. I placed them on top each other. To create a romantic look I also stitched on a few pearls from an old necklace.


Felt Poppy

Felt Poppy

glam up any smart skirt suit or add some floral charm to your hair

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Colorful Flower Brooch Pin

Colorful Flower Brooch Pin

Make Flower Brooch Pin

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Turning Fleece Into Flowers!

Turning Fleece Into Flowers!

A spot of needle felting to make a unique Christmas gift! (or something just for you to make your friends jealous!)

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Pointy Kanzashi Flowers

Pointy Kanzashi Flowers

A more elegant Kanzashi flower

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Fabric Brooches

Fabric Brooches

Fabric brooches

♥ 7
Fabric Carnation

Fabric Carnation

This is a super easy tutorial for making carnations out of jersey!

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