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About this project

Pretty Easy
Hawaiian lei from ribbon

I learned how to make leis from ribbons while I was on a cruise in Hawaii.

I wrote up some directions and even taught my husband how to make one.

The ribbon leis would also make a fabulous trim to add to a garment or handbag.



You Will Need


  1. How to make a ribbon necklace. Ribbon Lei - Step 1 1

    You will need 4 – 5 yards of grosgrain ribbon (3/8” or 5/8” wide) in 2 colors.

    Keep the darker length of ribbon on your right side and the lighter on your left.

    Fold back about 6” of the light ribbon. Pinch 2” from end to form a loop. Take the dark ribbon and tie a knot around this loop to secure it. A 4” tail should remain.

    Push up a loop of dark ribbon through the light loop. Pull down on the light. It is best to keep the ribbon flat as you make the loops.

    Then push a loop of light ribbon through the dark loop. Continue making loops until about 4” from the end of ribbons.

    Make the last loop. Put one end (not a loop) of ribbon through the loop and pull ribbons tightly in opposite directions.

  2. How to make a ribbon necklace. Ribbon Lei - Step 2 2

    Tie tails together to form the lei.

  3. How to make a ribbon necklace. Ribbon Lei - Step 3 3

    Attach a flower, if you'd like. Wear 2 or more together.

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