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Based on Reversible Bag by verypurpleperson

I got the idea from the original reversible bag... what a But I used my own imagination and style with some old outgrown teen clothes and some trinkets I had laying around.

I used the varied pockets and the stretchy string with the little springy things that hold it tight off a pair of pink cargo Capri's, a deep pink sheer stretchy shirt and a velvety silver stretchy shirt.

I had some stuff laying around so I put a heart charm on one pocket, some misc buttons on the others and accented a couple spots on them with a pink shimmer nail polish. It was fun to make but I am not sure where on earth I will use it since I have outgrown the disco....hahaha.

Skull Bag

Skull Bag

for a friend

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Tote Bag

Tote Bag

For a friend's birthday

♥ 1
Reversible Bag

Reversible Bag

When One Bag Isn't Enough

♥ 1
Diy Reversible Tote Bag

Diy Reversible Tote Bag

Made by Maribel Made. Inspired by Tinyhearts Designs.

♥ 100
Reversible Bag

Reversible Bag

Reversible bag tutorial

♥ 732
Reversible Hobo Bag

Reversible Hobo Bag

A rockin' reversible hobo bag!

♥ 3


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Great way to recycle


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