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Based on Reeses Squares 5 Ingredient No Bake by sweetsundae0

Possibly the most delicious dessert ever. Just fabulous. More than two bites gives you instant diabetes though, so watch out. =P

German Chocolate Cookie Bars

German Chocolate Cookie Bars

Cookie meets bar in this super chocolatey treat!

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Reeses Squares   5 Ingredient No Bake

Reeses Squares 5 Ingredient No Bake

Square not round :D

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Cotton Candy Bars

Cotton Candy Bars

If you've ever craved a brownie-type treat and cotton candy simultaneously, these are your bars. Sinfully sweet and fun to eat, you'll love them!!

♥ 38
Pumpkin Bars

Pumpkin Bars

Bake some pumpkin bars with Geraldine's Bake Shoppe & Deli

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Homemade Munchmallow

Homemade Munchmallow

Easy cake, my first masterpiece, soft,sweet, enjoying and foamy.

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Rhubarb & Custard Slices

Rhubarb & Custard Slices

Rhubarb & custard cake slices with almonds, condensed milk and rhubarb jam!

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Sweet Side
Sweet Side
yes, I can't find the recipe either. Bummer
koalala o.
koalala o. · Missoula, Montana, US · 1 project
Just follow the link to the original. I think...
Lisa M.
Lisa M. · Oreana, Illinois, US
why am I not seeing the recipe? Am I doing something wrong?

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