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Turn an old book cover into a new notebook

I was going to post a how-to until I realized I had NO IDEA what I was doing. No kidding, no idea. I basically took an old hardcover book that was falling to bits, mourned the loss of a Tolkien-related piece and then decided to memorialize the not-that-well-written biography in the form of a diary. I have no idea how to bind books, so I did not feel safe telling other people how to. I managed to stab myself in the phalange with an x-acto knife rather deeply and break the needle on my sewing machine (though it did work), so unless you're a fan of ad hoc crafting then you may just want to look up bookbinding online. ANYWHO, Here's what I finally ended up with. The cover is really cool.


Leather Journal

Leather Journal

a journal for my sister-in-law

♥ 759
Crafty Journal

Crafty Journal

Never loose sight of all the things you wanna try out! ^^

♥ 23
Handmade Journal With Pen Holder

Handmade Journal With Pen Holder

Fabric-Covered Handmade Journal with Pen Holder

♥ 16
Felt Covered Diary With Aperture

Felt Covered Diary With Aperture

diary, notebook, felt, embellishment

♥ 25
Fairy Circle Journal

Fairy Circle Journal

unfold hidden pages

♥ 57
Mini Quarter Circle Journal

Mini Quarter Circle Journal

I love this tiny journal

♥ 20



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