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Re Vamp Your Old Bag
I got a bag from a store after buying 2 beanies and I did this to it :)

I got this bag from pauls boutique(skateboard shop) after buying 2 beanies for myself.
Now im a crazy funky,emo,punkish all that but mostly funk and do crazy things. I love doing this to white and old things. I grabbed the markers around my house(only had black,blue and read sharpies) and started writing all over it. I always carry a bag around and thought this was the best way to make it different from anyone else who has one of these bags...you can do this with anything.I did it with my white holed belt(because I go bored of it being plan) I also got white deck shoes im planning to do this to.
WARNING-water-colour markers will come off or RUN if it gets wet use sharpies or permanent markers.


Crochet Bucket Bag

Crochet Bucket Bag

A simple but gorgeous hardwearing design

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Linen Handbag

Linen Handbag

small messenger bag

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Simple Leather Shoulder Bag Diy

Simple Leather Shoulder Bag Diy

handmade black leather shoulder bag simple

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School Bag

School Bag

My new school bag!

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Lolita Purse

Lolita Purse

cute gothic lolita purse project from glb

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Monk Bag

Monk Bag

monk bag

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ForeverAnOutcast · 6 projects
@juppy P. haha would love to Happy I love doing this stuff
Juppy P.
Juppy P. · 2 projects
luvv itt Happy soo gonna do that 2 my bag

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