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Windsor, Ontario, Canada
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I wanted a hat, so I made one

I made this because I wanted a hat I could tuck my hair into. It's really easy to make, it doesn't take a lot of yarn, and it's comfortable. Mine was a bunch of odds and ends, but I plan on making some solid ones for friends. The link for the pattern is posted.



Crocheted Hat Of Warmth

Crocheted Hat Of Warmth

A hat to keep your head (and ears) warm when its cold outside.

♥ 11
Crochet Cable Chullo (Andean Earflap Hat)

Crochet Cable Chullo (Andean Earflap Hat)

Tips on how to make your own incredibly warm crochet cable chullo.

♥ 7
Decode Hat

Decode Hat

The hat that the lead singer was wearing!

♥ 206
Baby On The Brain

Baby On The Brain

Preggo Bestie + Project Leftovers = Winning!

♥ 1
Diy  "No Dye" Tie Dye Beanie

Diy "No Dye" Tie Dye Beanie

A fun, easy way to jazz up a plain white beanie

♥ 0
Crochet Puff Stitch Hat

Crochet Puff Stitch Hat

Crochet puff stitch hat

♥ 11



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