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Based on Rainbow Cupcakes! by Phwarfcat

I used six different colors for these cupcakes, with about 10 drops of food coloring for each color. :>

Also for these, I just used funfetti cake mix; it's much faster than making them from scratch and tastes pretty good too. : D

I've made these cupcakes three or four times now and have had great results every time; it's a great recipe and I'd recommend it.


Rainbow Butterfly Cupcakes

Rainbow Butterfly Cupcakes

Taste as good as they look!

♥ 18
Archie's Multicoloured Birthday Cake

Archie's Multicoloured Birthday Cake

A deceptively plain looking traditional birthday cake for a 1 year old boy!

♥ 2
Rainbow Cake

Rainbow Cake

This cake is not a lie.

♥ 27
Rainbow Cake + Cupcakes

Rainbow Cake + Cupcakes

A colorful way to enjoy that boring old cake

♥ 0
Rainbow Cupcakes

Rainbow Cupcakes

Delicious Cupcakes decorated with rainbow fizzy belts!

♥ 190
Psychedelic Cupcakes!

Psychedelic Cupcakes!

Who wouldnt totally love these?

♥ 28


Karli L.
Karli L. · Langhorne, Pennsylvania, US

It would be awesome to swirl the different colors of mix in the wrapper before you bake them. Then you'd have tye-dye cupcakes.


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