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About this project

Radioactive dirt covered cupcakes can sometimes be the result of strange life forms.

This project was more of an experiment than anything else.

Firstly, I had never really attempt to get bright colours with food colouring. Secondly, this was also an attempt at creating homemade marshmallow fondant for the second time. I have to say it turned out much better than when I had done it the first time and the cupcakes were all devoured under the space of an hour by friends.



Sweeney Todd's Surprise

Sweeney Todd's Surprise

Bake some gruesome cupcakes with Lily Vanilli.

♥ 87
Glamor Cup Cakes With Bling!

Glamor Cup Cakes With Bling!

Chocolate cupcakes w/ black paper covers, trim was faux rhinestones & silver sugar atop vanilla icing

♥ 1
Murdered Cupcakes

Murdered Cupcakes

A bloody halloween treat!

♥ 67
Squashed Witch Cupcakes

Squashed Witch Cupcakes

Be sure to squash all the bad witches

♥ 29
Hunger Games Cupcakes

Hunger Games Cupcakes

something to eat while you watch the film!

♥ 90



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