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About this project

These are super easy to make.

I have seen these in pricy catalogs and neat magazines and decided to try to make a couple of them for myself. I made a template for the shade by making an outline of the shade on two pieces of black paper taped together. I used a picture from an old book and blew it up to the right size for my lampshade then outlined it on top of an inch and a half to two inched of a border on the bottom edge. Then I cut it out using scissors and a craft knife. Then I taped it to the inside of the shade. I did this for two shades, and I had instant shadow shades!


Dowel Lamp

Dowel Lamp

Make a beautiful lamp using wooden dowels!

♥ 24
Ginkgo Leaf Lampshade

Ginkgo Leaf Lampshade

Spruce up an old lamp with this Ginkgo Leaf Lampshade.

♥ 23
Twinkling Patterned Lampshade

Twinkling Patterned Lampshade

Easy cardboard craft!

♥ 10
Vintage Doily Lampshade

Vintage Doily Lampshade

This entire project is sourced from the thrift store!

♥ 101
Woven String Pendant Lamp

Woven String Pendant Lamp

a beatiful way to light up the dark time of the year

♥ 478
Rustic Twig Lampshade

Rustic Twig Lampshade

A fun craft with twigs!

♥ 16



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