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About this project

inspired by Linkin Park's song: Powerless

I was sort of inspired by the Abraham Lincoln: vampire Hunter music video. The picture is of my Naruto Oc: Kinhime. The song lyrics are altered to fit her situation. But it's still cool in my opinion. Sorry for the bad picture, my art Journal won't fit on the scanner.
Here are the altered Lyrics:
You showed pure evil the night you came inside.
You woke the devil that you thought had died.
I saw the evidence,
Her crimson pouring out,
So much promise,
And it all destroyed by you.

And you took it all,
But your mistake will be your fall,
I lost it all,
All because I was,

I fell apart when I remembered that night,
I'll chase you til the end.
I'm left with nothing that words could not describe,
You'll one day Know what I became because of you.
So much promise it all destroyed by you...


And I'll take it all,
Your mistake will be your fall,
I'll take it all,
And you will feel;



Metal Angel Wings Wall Art

Metal Angel Wings Wall Art

Divine Metal Wall Art

♥ 37
Mickey & Minie

Mickey & Minie

Mickey; Minie; Flowers, Papers flowers

♥ 4
DIY Paper. Butterfly

DIY Paper. Butterfly

Paper Butterfly Stickers with Smileys!

♥ 7
Diy Loki Helmet

Diy Loki Helmet

I am burdened with glorious cosplay!

♥ 6
Wax Trees

Wax Trees

a nice decoration

♥ 182
Lichtenstein 'Pow!' Picture

Lichtenstein 'Pow!' Picture

Pop art, paint, sewing and felt all in one!

♥ 44



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