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Spiced Almond Cupcake With Hazelnut Nutmeg Frosting
Vegetarian Irish Stew
Yummy Strawberry Salad
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Based on Potions (cook)book by Dragonsinger

The cookbooks that I made took a really long time to gather the recipes and then put them into the format that I wanted on word, but the putting together of it lasted on around 20 minutes. I put the house pictures on them with sticker paper that I got at Hobby Lobby, and I used Card Stock in the house colors. I glued them in rather than staple so I can add more recipes if I find them later. I made the books into certian catagories such as (Savory foods, Sweets, Butterbeer recipes, and Drinks) I had a ton of fun making this!

Potions (cook)book

Potions (cook)book

Potions Book of Recipes

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Make Your Own Fairy Ology Book!

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Harry Potter Prequel!

Harry Potter Prequel!

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Junk Journal

Junk Journal

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A Secret Book ^ ^

A Secret Book ^ ^

a old book to a secret book c:

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Fabric Brochure

Fabric Brochure

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