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Tayport, Fife
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Cute pop tart style case for my iPod and phone

Basically I was sitting staring at all the scratches on the back of my iPod whilst thinking about what to eat for breakfast. Then it hit me, Pop Tart Case. These are so easy to make. I made the pink one for myself and the purple for a friend. Before deciding to try and make a whole set of different ones. I don't have photos of them, but I also made a red one and a mint green one.
They don't take that long to make, but I estimated an hour as I'm always getting distracted.



Loom Knit Cell Phone Holder

Loom Knit Cell Phone Holder

Loom knitting =) Very easy to make.

♥ 4
Cinderella Carriage Phone Case

Cinderella Carriage Phone Case

Cute and elegant

♥ 2
Knitted Cell Phone Case

Knitted Cell Phone Case

♥ 19
Tie Dye Phone Case

Tie Dye Phone Case


♥ 5
Plush Phone Case

Plush Phone Case

Fall in love with those stuffed animal phone cases? Me too! The price tag however, I do not love.

♥ 16
Minion Phone Cozy Diy

Minion Phone Cozy Diy

My phone is now a minion. Yours could be too!

♥ 39



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