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Nice 'n' Simple

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Briarcliff Manor, NY, United States
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brighten your lobes dudes and dudettes


-some polymer clay (a small pack is like $2, a big brick is like $4-6)
-Jewelers Millimeter Gauge Ruler (i stole mine, they can be pretty expensive)

If you want you can pick up some clay glaze to for a shiny finishing touch. I assume you know what gauges are, some plugs have flared edges so they don't fall outta yr lobes. This can be a little cumbersome with clay, but it's pretty simple....just take a chunk of clay and roll it so it looks like a little cylinder and using your fingertips squeeze the middle gently, rolling back n forth till it's even. Once it's all sweet and perfect, put it in the oven at 275 degrees F, for like 10-15 minutes. Keep an eye on it and pop in from time to time taking them out to check if they're burning (it happened to the first pair i made). Flipping them once should help you out. Wear them, show them off, give em away to a lover...tell em some chic named chloe on the interweb helped you make em. lol



Rainbow Tentacly Gauged
Plugs >

Rainbow Tentacly Gauged

whats prettier than a rainbow? how about tentacles!!

♥ 89
Fimo Plugs
Plugs >

Fimo Plugs


♥ 61
How To Make Fake Gauges/Tapers/Plugs
Plugs >

How To Make Fake Gauges/Tapers/Plugs

Ever wanted Guages but Dont want the pain or the Risk of stretching your earlobes?? Well Heres the SOULUTION!

♥ 66
Polka Dot Tentacly Gauges
Plugs >

Polka Dot Tentacly Gauges

cephalopods make my day :)

♥ 69
Peppermint Candy Earplugs
Plugs >

Peppermint Candy Earplugs

Can't eat them though

♥ 9
Fake Plugs/Tapers/Stretchers
Plugs >

Fake Plugs/Tapers/Stretchers

Perfect to test the look out before you commit :]

♥ 95



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