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brighten your lobes dudes and dudettes


-some polymer clay (a small pack is like $2, a big brick is like $4-6)
-Jewelers Millimeter Gauge Ruler (i stole mine, they can be pretty expensive)

If you want you can pick up some clay glaze to for a shiny finishing touch. I assume you know what gauges are, some plugs have flared edges so they don't fall outta yr lobes. This can be a little cumbersome with clay, but it's pretty simple....just take a chunk of clay and roll it so it looks like a little cylinder and using your fingertips squeeze the middle gently, rolling back n forth till it's even. Once it's all sweet and perfect, put it in the oven at 275 degrees F, for like 10-15 minutes. Keep an eye on it and pop in from time to time taking them out to check if they're burning (it happened to the first pair i made). Flipping them once should help you out. Wear them, show them off, give em away to a lover...tell em some chic named chloe on the interweb helped you make em. lol



Home Made Gauges
Plugs >

Home Made Gauges

proud to be different

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Polymer Clay Ear Gauges
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Polymer Clay Ear Gauges

easy ear gauges out of clay

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Hand Made Cork Plugs   0g
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Hand Made Cork Plugs 0g

Hand-made jewelry for your ears.

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Work Worthy Plugs
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Work Worthy Plugs

Plugs you can still wear to work!

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Button Gauges
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Button Gauges

Some buttons to grace your gauges ears!

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Polymer Clay (Fimo) Tapers
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Polymer Clay (Fimo) Tapers

A few styles and sizes of tapers made from Fimo/polymer clay.

♥ 1


Willow · Independence, Missouri, US · 5 projects

Nancy, FIMO is non-toxic. There are lots of people who use polymer clay plugs that have never had any kind of a reaction to them.

Maybe you should do a little research before leaving comments on crafts you know nothing about.

Nancy! · Shawinigan, Quebec, CA · 62 projects

Fimo is toxic.. don't put that in your ear...

taby o.
taby o. · US

you could probably find a ruler online like ebay or something. you could always buy a pair and just copy the size as close as possible. It is non toxic but I'd still be sure to be all healed its not food grade non toxic.

amber smells
amber smells · US · 3 projects

great job! these look awesome <3333333333

i wish my holes were bigger =\

*scout nubbies*
*scout nubbies* · US · 7 projects

Jewelers Millimeter Gauge Ruler... um where can i find one of these? i haven't been able to start on mine cause i don't have one of these. >:-I

Stephanie H.
Stephanie H. · US · 2 projects

I really like these! I agree with chloe z. about the clay. I'm a chemist and have worked with polymers. they are safe and i've handled worse stuff than that.

DarkAshHurts · Middle of Nowhere, Kentucky, United States · 119 projects

holy crap. i need these. lol
i'm totally making my own.
thanks bunches...your a money saver. :D

Mi.ezekatze · Las Vegas, Nevada, US · 130 projects

Omfg, I'm so gonna make those... Just, I'm gonna make the kind that's fixed with tiny rubber bands. I loke those more.

I'm just wondering if you could make real tunnels out of that?

chloe zeeeee
chloe zeeeee · US · 3 projects

once again, sculpey is non-toxic. i have emailed them about this. and if you're going to leave comments like that i'd message me first. cause you come off being a bitch. go ahead and spend lots of money. ive had mine for a while and havent fucking come down with anything.

LoveLikeGravity · US

Man... I soooo wish this was a practical idea. But with those chemicals and junk in polymer? No way, I'll stick to my acrylic ones. I get em cheaper than most, anyway. The key is to buy in bulk from sites that offer bulk discounts! Me and my friend bought all of our pairs we'd need from size 12 to 00 when we first started stretching. The price for all of em together for that bulk discount was AWESOME.
Anyway -
A SAFETY NOTE: You don't want to end up with swollen screwed-up ears, so please, people who make these - DON'T use them to stretch!! Make the size you've already got in. You don't want to make those micro-tears that stretching is, and then fill em with chemically clay. I'm pretty sure polymer is porous too- could be wrong, but if I'm not - make new pairs every few weeks - just to keep them fresh!

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