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Thessaloniki - Veria, Thessaloniki - Veria, Greece
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polymer clay (fimo) necklaces with embedded metallic pieces and beads

i looooove fimo!!!i put some metal pieces and beads in some of the necklaces and the others i hand curved them using a needle. fimo is a great material and takes any shape you like but im especially careful what kind of other materials i put on it because they might melt when you put it in the oven to bake... i finally used simple string and made a loop and put a bead or button to be able to tie the here are my latest creations... ;)


Diy Stamped Necklace

Diy Stamped Necklace

A beautiful and simple way to personalize jewlerry

♥ 23
Swirly Fimo Necklace

Swirly Fimo Necklace

this necklace is so simple yet so grooooooooooovy, i love it:)

♥ 179
Flower Pendant

Flower Pendant

Experimentation in Fimo :)

♥ 3
Mercat Necklace

Mercat Necklace

Who said cats don't like water, anyway?

♥ 44
Flower Necklace: How To

Flower Necklace: How To

easy fun how to, to make a nice floral necklace

♥ 400
Invader Zim Gaz's Necklace

Invader Zim Gaz's Necklace

Dib's scary sister's awesome necklace!

♥ 7



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