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Version This project is a version of Polaroid Phone Case by Cat Morley

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Based on Polaroid Phone Case by Cat Morley

Well, I didn't have any black felt so I used purple, but I like it. All the materials are from my Nan's attic :3 I've gotten a compliment on it since I made it a few hours ago so I'm happy :D However, when you look at the original it's seems pretty perfect, but I'd add some seam allowance to the beige panels because my iPhone just peeps out of the end after it's sewn up (in the original it tells you to just trace the iPhone right round). Did anyone else make this and have the same problem?



Knitted Cell Phone Case

Knitted Cell Phone Case

♥ 19
Minion Phone Cozy Diy

Minion Phone Cozy Diy

My phone is now a minion. Yours could be too!

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iPhone Book Case

iPhone Book Case

Make A $400 Book: Make Monday

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 Despicable Me Minon Phone Case

Despicable Me Minon Phone Case

Super simple and very easy!

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Leather Phone Case

Leather Phone Case

Wanted something with a little more protection for work :)

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Plush Phone Case

Plush Phone Case

Fall in love with those stuffed animal phone cases? Me too! The price tag however, I do not love.

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