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Bury, West Sussex, United Kingdom
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Embellished pocket.

I made this, instead of whacking it on my year 10 bag project, I kept it and stapled it to a notice board. I keep train tickets and various items in there now.
Sequining took forever, the rest was just machine running stitch. Please excuse the POOR sewing efforts on the flower. I must have given up on life at that point.


Runestone Bag   Unlined

Runestone Bag Unlined

Unlined Rune Bags

♥ 7
Hdc Crochet Pouch

Hdc Crochet Pouch

An Adventure in Half Double Crochet (HDC)

♥ 4
Marble Bag

Marble Bag

Quick and Easy Marble Bag

♥ 1
Cute Contacts Case

Cute Contacts Case

So cute!!

♥ 20
Clip On Protective Pass Cover

Clip On Protective Pass Cover

A super-easy cover for your passes. Clip it on a bag or wear on a lanyard!

♥ 46
Omamori (Japanese Protection Amulet/Charm)

Omamori (Japanese Protection Amulet/Charm)

For protection, luck or what ever you might need or want one for~

♥ 0



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