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São Paulo, SP, Brazil
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52 Reasons Playing Card Booklet

this is a "52 Reasons" booklet i saw once and descided to make for valentine's day!! needless to say, it caused an "aaawwwww" and provoced endless kisses!!

i started by making a list of reasons why i love him, and as soon as i got to 52 i just kept going... but finally chose the main 52, found corresponding pictures online, made little cards to print out and glued them to the cards.. done deal!!


Crazy Postcard Notebook

Crazy Postcard Notebook

But honey, I DID get rid of the junk mail!

♥ 37
Playing Card Notebook

Playing Card Notebook

Keep your poker face by hiding your secrets away in a playing card notebook.

♥ 191
Denim Composition Book

Denim Composition Book

Denim Comp Book

♥ 33
Record Notebook

Record Notebook

Keep all your scribbles safe inside a record notebook.

♥ 336
Cassette Tape Mini Journal

Cassette Tape Mini Journal

Guns And Roses Cassette Tape Mini Journal

♥ 197
Diy Recycled Pocket Notebook

Diy Recycled Pocket Notebook

In this tutorial, I'll show you how to make a simple, portable, pocket notebook perfect for jotting down ideas and inspiration using recycled scraps!

♥ 32



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