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Lake Elsinore, CA, United States
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even more “trash” clothing

The garbage bag dress inspired me to make even more “trash” clothing. This dress is made of grocery store bags from Winco. I’m planning on alot more stuff, so check back often…


Newspaper Dress

Newspaper Dress

A dress made out of newspapers

♥ 92
7500 Paper Clips Dress

7500 Paper Clips Dress

Destroy your fingers and have fun!^^

♥ 31
Pokédress   Generation One

Pokédress Generation One

So relieved when I caught the last few!

♥ 10
Lady Gaga Inspired Duct Tape Dress

Lady Gaga Inspired Duct Tape Dress

a dress and bag made after Mama Monster's own heart!

♥ 26
Dress O' Plastic Bags

Dress O' Plastic Bags

The dress that make you physically incapable of sneaking.

♥ 54
Newspaper Dress

Newspaper Dress

A dress I made for a school talent show

♥ 20



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