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Harlow, Essex, United Kingdom
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Cute pink cat accessories to make a fierce Halloween outfit!

After weeks of not knowing what to dress for this Halloween (I had been invited to a big fancy-dress party), I finally decided, two days before that I would be a cat! I had a beautiful pink lace dress that I had picked up in the Topshop sale, so I thought i'd make some nice pink ears with some great patterned felt I had laying around. I think they came out quite well! Kinda reminded me of the film Josie and the Pussycats, so I decided to make some matching wrist cuffs to go with them, as inspired by the movie.



Realistic Cat Ears

Realistic Cat Ears

Cute furry realistic cat ears!

♥ 3
Hello Kitty Ears Headband

Hello Kitty Ears Headband

made from old socks!

♥ 99
Hood Ears

Hood Ears

Why settle for plain old hoods when you can have a hood with ears?

♥ 321
Crafterella Cat Ears

Crafterella Cat Ears

How-to make your own version of my cat ears!

♥ 31
Realistic Cat Ears For Costume Or Cosplay!

Realistic Cat Ears For Costume Or Cosplay!

Adorable white cat ears for cosplay!

♥ 1
Simple Kitty Cat Head Band

Simple Kitty Cat Head Band

A cute kitty head band to keep your ears stylishly warm!

♥ 19



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