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Pretty Easy

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Surrey, England, United Kingdom
Square small cupcakepincushionpinpot 1235574966
Square small cherrybookletclosed 1235487578
Square small cake box  3  1234207930
Square small cup cake 1234207413
Pin pot into Cupcake Pincushion ^_^

I was tired of the plain pin pot I had with not much area for sticking pins on it's lid. Whilst I was surfing the web for ideas for uses for fabric scraps, I fell in love with the felted cupcakes by Betz White.

Tried making a version of it with normal craft felt and ended up with the mini cupcake pincushion (pictured left on photo 4). Unfortunately I do not own any 100% wool sweaters or could get my hands on any. (Or have the patience to felt the sweaters if I had any) So I found myself a substitute fabric - Fleece, for the main body of the cake.



Russian Doll Pin Cushion

Russian Doll Pin Cushion

i've got pins and needles . . . .

♥ 52
Mouse Pincushion

Mouse Pincushion

Mouse Pincushion Video Tutorial

♥ 32
Mushroom Pin Cushion

Mushroom Pin Cushion

A cute and practical mushroom pin cushion made from a single sock and scrap fabric.

♥ 42
Felt Bag With Pretty Pillows And Bottlecap Pincushion

Felt Bag With Pretty Pillows And Bottlecap Pincushion

Embroidered bag with pretty accessories.

♥ 4
Thread Catcher, Caddy And Pincushion

Thread Catcher, Caddy And Pincushion

Ideas and instructions from 2 tutorials.

♥ 39
Diy Pin Cushion

Diy Pin Cushion

In need of a new pin cushion? This is easy and super cute!

♥ 17



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