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A really easy costume for Halloween, or whatever! :D

This was my Halloween costume this year!! I won first place in the costume contest :)
I bought a children's yellow sweatshirt from Salvation Army, then some black and yellow fleece from Walmart. I freehanded my own patterns for the ears and tail, hand sewed them and attatched them to the sweatshirt. Then I bought a pair of white ballet flats from Walmart for like $5, painted them yellow with acrylic paint and gave them black accents with a sharpie.
Then i paired them with black tights and a frilly black skirt I already had, paint red cheeks with cheap lipstick and voila! Instant Pikachu!

The first night, I forgot to add my black nose! It looks much cuter if you don't forget :)


I Am A Unicorn!

I Am A Unicorn!

An easy way to turn yourself into a unicorn.

♥ 1
Yubaba Cosplay. Spirited Away.

Yubaba Cosplay. Spirited Away.

cosplay, yubaba, spirited away, costume

♥ 7
Frozen - Elsa Cosplay

Frozen - Elsa Cosplay

The cold didn't bother me but the exam did.

♥ 1
Tiger Lily + Peter Pan Costume Made From T Shirts

Tiger Lily + Peter Pan Costume Made From T Shirts

A simple and cheap way to get ready to fly to Neverland

♥ 4
Transformers Bumble Bee Costume

Transformers Bumble Bee Costume

This is just a simple design for a five year old to wear on Halloween or for Cosplaying.

♥ 2
Dragon Ball Z Goku Costume

Dragon Ball Z Goku Costume

Goku Costume. Top, Trousers & Boots.

♥ 6


Natalie L.
Natalie L. · Fort Lauderdale, Florida, us

Super cute!!!!!!

Mary Kate
Mary Kate · 34 projects

Thanks! :D

Rawr.Rawr.x · Pretoria, Gauteng, za · 150 projects

Great job!


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