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Nice 'n' Simple

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Antigonish, NS, Canada
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when you are feeling fancy

served in a petit box, perfect gift for any occasion



  1. 1

    take a square of goats milk base and place into a cup

    microwave on high for 1 minute

  2. 2

    how to make a milk chocolate base

    use 1 teaspoon of hot chocolate mix to the goats milk base
    how to make the dark chocolate base

    use 1 cup of the hot chocolate to the goats milk base


    for white chocolate-just use the goats milk on its own

  3. How to make a chocolate. Petit Fours Soap - Step 3 3

    now take out your mini cup cake cups

    and pour your heated base into the cup

  4. How to make a chocolate. Petit Fours Soap - Step 4 4

    let that set

    then pour a layer on top

    for example if you make a dark chocolate bottom add a white chocolate top

    vise versa

  5. How to make a chocolate. Petit Fours Soap - Step 5 5

    let that set

    then make a really cool design ontop

    make stripes or pokadots

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Petit Fours Soap

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