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Version This project is a version of Pet Food Scoop From Laundry Bottle by KMOM14


Nice & Simple

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Based on Pet Food Scoop From Laundry Bottle by KMOM14

This is such a great project - it's cheap, recycles plastic, you don't have to touch the food and it's really easy to make.

I used a marker pen for the decoration because it won't come off or get damaged if the scoop is washed.

There was some concern over chemical residue which I thought about too but laundry detergent doesn't have very harsh chemicals in it or otherwise the clothes would be damaged or everyone would react to clothing on their skin. As long as you clean it thoroughly it is safe.

Thank you to KMOM14 and!

Doggy Bag

Doggy Bag

Say's it all really

♥ 3
Sugar Glider Bag

Sugar Glider Bag

Sugar glider "bondage" bag, haha.

♥ 5
Kitty Litter Box

Kitty Litter Box

Sparts potty hut

♥ 18
Double Wide Ferret Nation Cage

Double Wide Ferret Nation Cage

Bigger is always better

♥ 21
Cat Scratching Post

Cat Scratching Post

my boys love to climb and scratch- they love it!

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Doggy Treats Bag

Doggy Treats Bag

Add some creativity to dog training!

♥ 15



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