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Fort Wayne, Indiana, US
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Personalize a Dollar Store Tote Bag

This is a personalized tote bag for my grand-niece for her birthday to carry around all of her toys and goodies.

The purple tote bag was $1 from The Dollar Store and the small amounts of fabric cost less than $1.



  1. How to make an embellished tote. Personalized Tote Bag - Step 1 1

    The flower fabric I make using lavender organza for the petals using the tutorial below.


    The center is lavender tulle that is about 1 1/2 wide and 8 inches long folded in half horizontally then folded accordian style then tied in the center with thread and with the thread wrapped around the bottom and stitched to the inside of the petals on the above flower.

  2. How to make an embellished tote. Personalized Tote Bag - Step 2 2

    The name and embellishments are in violet glitter fabric paint

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