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Lancaster, England, GB
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Pretty Polly!

How could I follow up the epic fancy dress of my 19th birthday? Continue the leotards and feather headdress theme of course! I went for an animals theme this year and my costume was made of
Sparkly handmade leotard (bargain on ebay!) it already had a jagged feathery effect neckline in gold, with diamante studs on it, a zip up the back, and shimmery purple and pink snakey type fabric.
I made the wings from lightweight green sequin effect fabric. I took ages in the shop choosing wing like colour and decided to stick feathers on it myself. I think in the end the green was a good contrast with the pink leotard, as I bought the fabric first of all.
Wings - I cut out two triangles of the fabric, and layed out my feathers (see picture) in rows of colour. I then used coloured fabric glues (ebay again!) to stick them on! These things were amazing, I didn't lose any feathers at all which I had been worried about, it was super sticky! I then sewed the two wings together and put arm loops on the wrists, elbows and one on the neck from a green zigzag ribbon.
A 'do as I say not as I do' tip - put some newspaper down for using fabric glues, I neglected to do this, and ended up peeling my wings up, with a lovely rainbow carpet and spent the next couple of hours making best friends with the Carpet Power!
I made a headdress out of elastic and ribbon, I sewed several bigger feathers to a jazzy 80s style ribbon and sewed elastic at the back to keep it on my head!
Face paint! I googled some pictures of parrot face paint, and ignored most of them, and just improvised it. I used some glitter eyeliners too. I used face paint crayons... guess where from.... ebayyyyy!

I tied some feathers to the laces on my brown heels, and stuck some in my hair.
My housemates went as a cow and two tigers, we all got in to the club free for our effort!!


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