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Nice 'n' Simple

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Bellevue, Washington, US
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Recycled fabric/paper that can be used in so many ways

Great way of recycling to make unique handmade crafts.It can be stitched,stamped or embossed.
Your imagination is your only limitation



  1. How to make a fabric. Papercloth - Step 1 1

    Papercloth is fun to make but slow to dry.
    Step 1 choose back ground fabric.
    I cut sheets to fit in Super B size box (upcycled from hubby's prints)
    This green was created when I embraced the grey last year and dyed all my white summer shirts green threw in some old sheeting too :)

  2. How to make a fabric. Papercloth - Step 2 2

    Place paper on a waterproof background Freezer paper or a tenflon sheet work well.Parchemnt paper works at a pinch.You will want to be able to remove this at the end.
    Begin to load fabric with found paper.

  3. How to make a fabric. Papercloth - Step 3 3

    Continue to add layers of paper until your happy.

  4. How to make a fabric. Papercloth - Step 4 4

    Next to get messy.Apply liberal amounts of 1/2 strength glue.Everything needs to be soaked through.This is the holding layer so make sure you check it's all gooey

  5. How to make a fabric. Papercloth - Step 5 5

    I make this in batches.So here we have 3 different green themed sheets.
    You could add glitter or embossing powder at this stage.
    I sprinkled on pencil shavings

    Hard part LET IT DRY

  6. How to make a fabric. Papercloth - Step 6 6

    Now you have custom made cloth with you can use for any purpose.
    Enjoy !

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