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Girilambone, New South Wales, AU
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cheap ugly white shoes made better =]

I had an ugly pair of white shoes that i had nothing to do with, they were cheap (about $8)but they were very boring. So I decided to paint them. It took about an hour to draw the design on them and another two hours to paint them but maybe Im just slow. I used poster paint (thats the only paint I had) and it worked well. Using a permanent marker I wrote some words in the blank spaces, and outlined the other things


Kitty Cat Shoes

Kitty Cat Shoes

It is easy to do, and I realy love it. *-*

♥ 232
Cute Shoes

Cute Shoes

puff paints and slipper shoes

♥ 14
Recycle Old Shoes

Recycle Old Shoes

feeling proud by recycling old school shoes :)

♥ 10
Collage Shoes

Collage Shoes

A nice sumer project to re-vamp those flats!

♥ 4
Painting Shoes

Painting Shoes

An esay way to customize shoes

♥ 401
Harley Quinn Comic Shoes

Harley Quinn Comic Shoes

Pow! Kaboom! Blam!

♥ 755



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