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Minneapolis, Minnesota, United States
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DIY: 3 Incrediby Useful Baby Items You Can Make with Ribbon

If your kid is attached to his or her pacifier, make life easier by attaching it to your child!




  1. How to make a pacifiers. Pacifier Clip - Step 1 1

    1) Fold about 1/4" of one end of the ribbon over. Pass it through the loop on the clip and fold over about a 1/2". Sew/glue the ribbon closed.
    2) Fold the other end of the ribbon over about 1/4" and sew/glue one side of the velcro on the end. Sew/glue the other side of velcro a few inches down the ribbon.
    3) Pass the velcro end through the pacifier handle, fold over, and stick to other velcro end!

  2. 2

    Variations: Try a button or snap closure instead of velcro!
    **Make sure that the ribbon on your clip when the velcro is folded reaches no more than 6" for safety!

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