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Based on Over All Dress From Jeeaanns. by Lovette'sz-xoxo

For 2 days I have slaved over this project. My back is bent from slumping over the sewing machine. But it was worth the effort. Not that I'll ever wear this thing in public, but my skills with the singer (brand of sewing machine I own)have improved while working on this ugly creation of mine. The flaws I have made are as bountifull as the number of fish in the sea... (To list a few: The skirt is too shiot. The dress is too tight. The front bunches up when I move!) But overall (Lolz, I made a funni) I think I did a good job. The thing looks fabulous, and thats all that matters.



Classic Teddy Bear Jsk

Classic Teddy Bear Jsk

a simple classic lolita dress!

♥ 23
Lolita Jsk

Lolita Jsk

A more versatile sleeveless Loli dress.

♥ 13
Jumper Skirt Out Of A T Shirt

Jumper Skirt Out Of A T Shirt

Make that big baggy shirt into a cute stylish jumper skirt.

♥ 1940
Heaven Can Wait Jsk

Heaven Can Wait Jsk

lolita jsk with matching jewelry

♥ 26
Diy Classic Lolita Look

Diy Classic Lolita Look

can't afford brand? have no fear!

♥ 69
The Overall Lace Maxi

The Overall Lace Maxi

Overalls & lace? A perfect combination!

♥ 12


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