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Version This project is a version of Origami Spiral by Laura

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So so

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Based on Origami Spiral by Laura

Pretty cool origami spiral thingy :)
Reminds me a bit of the inception spinny thingy :O


Origami I Ching Wheel

Origami I Ching Wheel

It would be way cooler in rainbow colors.

♥ 5
The Big Bang!

The Big Bang!

BANG! and then there was origami...

♥ 97
Paper Decorations

Paper Decorations

make paper decorations that you can hang from the ceiling :)

♥ 64
Origami Dna

Origami Dna

Modular Origami Dna

♥ 14
Origami Bows

Origami Bows

Master the art of paper folding!

♥ 131
Origami Spiral

Origami Spiral

A great decoration

♥ 175



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