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Halloween Nails

Painted my nails with a clear top coat then orange then took black nail art polish which has a small paint brush for detailing and painted wavy lines on top of the orange. Once the black polish dried, I painted a coat of silver glitter nail art polish over just the black lines. Once all was dry, I used the clear top coat again to seal in the colors and designs.

Great for Halloween! Actually, I did my nails like this for a rave I went to this past weekend.

Silver Nails

Silver Nails

Two-tone silver party nails.

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Goosebumps Inspired Nails!

Goosebumps Inspired Nails!

Perfect for Halloween!!

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Epic Opal

Epic Opal

Brazilian Opal inspired nails

♥ 23
Acrylic Nails

Acrylic Nails

colorful nail tips with rhinestones

♥ 12
Queen Bee Nails

Queen Bee Nails

Hot Brown Honey inspired nail art!

♥ 2
Thick Nail Polish?.. No More!

Thick Nail Polish?.. No More!

Save your old nail polish from being thrown away!!!

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