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Pretty Easy

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Lüneburg, Germany
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pretty and easy to make ring using an old clock-face

I made this ring using a ring blank and an old and broken watch that an old lady gave to me a flea market. It does not work anymore and some of the white has flaked off but i think it looks pretty. I glued it onto the ring blank with super-special glue because metal and metal does not stick together easily. This is very easy and quick to make, it only takes a while for the glue to dry.
Have fun!



Bullet Shell Ring

Bullet Shell Ring

A cute creation perfect for any punk princess

♥ 3
Vinyl Record Ring

Vinyl Record Ring


♥ 66
Magical Key Ring

Magical Key Ring


♥ 209
Adjustable Paper Clip Ring

Adjustable Paper Clip Ring

Sometimes I get bored at work ? ~ ?

♥ 9
Fork Ring

Fork Ring

Vintage ring

♥ 7
Guitar String Ring

Guitar String Ring

Turn old, used guitar strings into fashion accessories...

♥ 12



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